Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aimless Wanderer

Above image, Palace detail. Exalted one fine art

Exalted One fighting evil with his trusty turd rifle

Aimless Wanderer

Welcome Aimless Wanderer and Bless You!

Aimless Wanderer you have arrived, you are home! The Church of the Blue Moon welcomes you with open arms. Bless You! While aimless wandering has it's own purpose, eventually, you may desire to become a SEEKER. When you wander about seeking, it is not aimless. Yes, even I, THE EXALTED ONE was once an Aimless Wanderer. Wandering from garbage can to garbage can seeking nothing and NOTHING is what I found! Not a productive state of affairs... I want more for you, my little ones, for to seek, you may FIND! Bless you! I wanted, yearned for something more and suspect you do also, (if not, we'll work on it, together)

I was Blessed early in life from a Higher Power, a BIRD, actually. What kind of Bird? I can not tell you. It was large, had yellow feet, and, if you got too close, gave you a creepy look that said; Back off! I did back off to a safe distance but I watched that BIRD, the situation being that nothing much was happening anyway. Watching the bird hopping about, I saw something that bird had going for it that was missing in my life, purpose! What at first seemed like aimless wandering, a big, stupid bird pointlessly hopping about, (and which, I'm ashamed to say, I cruelly mocked, "Ha ha, you goofy ass bird") turned out to be nothing less that SEEKING! Maybe it was just a bunch of greasy french fries, but that bird was making out! I watched it carefully! You know what? It hopped right up to a fifty cent piece, eyeballed it, then hopped away! Soon, I had my own new bag of greasy fries, and not being unkind, flipped one over to that bird. Now I SEEK, and yes, I do thank that bird profoundly. Blessings Abound!

Tired now, dear Acolyte and Aimless Wander, (hope you learned a lesson here: Watch the Birds!!!, SEEK!!!) Next lesson will be an introduction to the "Mysteries of the eleventh and twelfth Grades" till then, Bless You!

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